The Paragon Porsche Service Team

When you choose us for your Porsche Service, you can be sure of expert attention from a highly experienced and highly trained team of Porsche specialists. Paragon is all about great service - and here's the team that will deliver it for you and your Porsche  
  • Pete Twyman

    Working in automotive service since 1990, including many years of Porsche experience, Pete joined Paragon in 2009. A fan of Formula 1 since childhood, Pete is the organisational hub of our service department.

  • Mark Greenslade

    Mark has been in the automotive industry for 40 years and has a keen interest in both classic cars and bikes. He is responsible for sourcing and organising our genuine Porsche parts.

  • Ian King

    Ian has been a vehicle technician since 1983, joining Paragon in 2011. Ian is a motorsport fan and also enjoys classic car events.

  • Kieran Ashdown

    Trained as a vehicle technician in 2004, Kieran is another motorsport fan and a tuning specialist. He joined Paragon in 2011 and is heavily involved in our racing campaigns as well as taking care of our customers cars.

  • Dave Miller

    Dave has been a qualified vehicle technician for over 30 years. Dave has a keen interest in classic cars and motorsport and is also partial to the odd game of Golf.

  • Alex Kelly

    A trained technician with over a decade of experience, Alex is a keen motorsport and Formula 1 enthusiast.

  • Will Butler

    Will is a master detailer and keen motorsport enthusiast. He makes sure that all of the Paragon cars are prepared and presented to the highest standards.