Porsche Part Exchange & Finance

Part Exchange

We are always more than happy to consider your current car as part exchange against a Paragon Approved Porsche

When you make the decision to invest in a quality Porsche from Paragon we will be pleased to take your current car in part exchange, whatever the make, model, age or condition. Because we only sell Porsche, if its not a car we can re-sell ourselves, we will talk to a number of expert trade buyers that we have built up an excellent relationship with over the years to establish a firm and fair market price for your vehicle.


Making your Porsche more affordable.

Many of our customers come to see us with their finances already in place - perhaps unaware that we can offer attractive and competative terms ourselves to make financing your Porsche simple and convenient. When you come and see us, please feel free to talk to our team about the options we can offer for making your dream Porsche that little bit more affordable.

Porsche Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is similar to traditional Hire Purchase but offers you a number of advantages.

With Lease Purchase, you choose your Porsche, pay a low deposit (normally 10 to 20 %) then make regular monthly payments at a fixed rate over an agreed period, usually 36 or 48 months until the final balloon payment.

Based on the car`s estimated value at the end of the agreement, the balloon payment or outstanding sum of money, is taken into account when the payments are calculated thus making them lower than with Hire Purchase.  An essential consideration if you are working to a specific monthly budget. At the end of the term you will have the option to either sell or part exchange the car for another one, or make/re-finance the final balloon payment and keep the car for longer.

Lease Purchase monthly payments do not attract VAT making this scheme particularly attractive to non-VAT registered businesses. All the interest on your payments is allowable against tax. You can plan your budget with confidence because the interest rate is fixed throughout the agreement too.

The Key Advantages of Lease Purchase

The right to own the vehicle when all the payments have been made

Minimal initial outlay

Lower monthly payments compared to Hire Purchase

Fixed rate interest  Interest charges claimable against your tax (for Businesses)

Writing down allowance (for Businesses)

Balloon payment reduces monthly out goings

Finance not subject to VAT

Porsche Hire Purchase

This is the simplest and the traditional form of car finance.

After choosing the Porsche you would like, you simply pay a deposit to suit your available capital, and your monthly payments are then calculated over the agreed period.

At the end of that period (usually 24,36,48 or 60 months) the car is fully paid off and yours to keep, sell or part exchange.  Like Lease Purchase, Hire Purchase can also be an attractive option for businesses.

Not only does the car appear as an asset in the company accounts, but you can also use the capital you would have spent buying a car outright within your business to ease your cash flow.

In addition to this all of the interest on your payments is allowable against tax and the payments do not attract VAT, making Hire Purchase ideal for non-VAT registered businesses. The car`s value can also be written down against your profits.

The Key Advantages of Hire Purchase

Ownership at the end of the agreed period

No restrictions on levels of maximum

Fixed monthly payments

Fixed interest rate

More capital available for use elsewhere

Interest charges claimable against tax (for Businesses)

Writing down allowance (for Businesses)

Both Lease and Hire Purchase offer excellent flexibility to purchase the Porsche you want with monthly payments designed to suit your budget.  Either scheme can be settled in full at any point should the need arise.  Please feel free to ask for further details