Porsche Boxster 

First introduced in 1996, the Boxster was the first Porsche vehicle designed purely as a Roadster from conception. 

The Boxster took styling cues from legendary earlier Porsche models including the Spyder and Speedster, and was an immediate success at launch.

Developed at a time when Porsche were seeing a decline is sales, the introduction of the Boxster was the beginning of a dramatic turnaround for the company. External experts had been brought in from Japanese car manufacturer Toyota to rationalise the production process, and this increased efficiency.  

Sharing of components amongst the 911 and the Boxster meant that the roadster could be introduced at a price point dramatically lower than could have been achieved before - in fact it was described by one motoring journalist as a "£80,000 Porsche for £40,000".  

Driven by the M96 flat six engine in a mid-engined layout, the centre of gravity is low and weight distribution is perfectly balanced. This leads to neutral handling and makes the Boxster a real 'drivers car' with smoothness across the rev range and plenty of power.  

There are two general variations - the Boxster and the Boxster 'S'. The 'S' version has, over the years, had more horsepower and six gears against the 5 of the Boxster. From launch, subtle changes and variations have meant small design changes and regular increases in power, but the Boxster has stayed remarkably faithful to the original concept designed by Harm Lagaay.